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Virchow Products

Founded in 1981. Virchow pioneered the development of novel and innovative API products based on advances in Chemistry. Virchow business has expanded to serve patients around the world in supportive of several diseases. Virchow group has good expertise in the process development of Pharmaceutical and biological products. Our Biotech’s R&D is efficient in optimizing recombinants and other fermentation derived bio-generics.

We have a strong background in chemical process engineering for scale up and backward integration of active pharmaceutical ingredients and for efficiently managing the down stream operations involved in the production of various bio-generic products. We have time and again proved that we can be the world’s largest and economically best manufacturer for the products we choose.
News & Events

Virchow Biotech is filing for U.S.Food and Drug administration’s (FDA) approval for its in house developed advanced wound care products.

Virchow Biotech received Drug control’s (DCGI) approval for conducting clinical trials on periogen, an indigenously developed recombinant therapeutic product for periodontal diseases

Virchow Biotech and Ranbaxy signed an MOU to market Virchow’s indigenously developed recombinant therapeutic protein for osteoporosis treatment. We are the first in the world to launch this biogeneric product